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Alice Sokoloff Photography is dedicated to capturing the sparkle in your eyes as you say your wedding vows and as you hug tightly your children on their birthdays. At Alice Sokoloff Photography, we know your life is filled with emotion, and it is our goal to create images that capture the full range of that emotion.

If you are researching photographers, you have surely seen guides upon guides providing guidance on "how to choose a photographer." While the guidance itself varies depending on the strengths of the photographer posting it, one piece of advice is consistent--rapport with your photographer is going to be key to producing images that you will love.

At Alice Sokoloff Photography we make our business about the relationship with our customers. We get work through word-of-mouth and referrals because our customers love our work and love working with us. And we thrive on repeat business. If we begin working with you when you are newly engaged, we don't just hope to give you fantastic engagement photos, we look foward to capturing your wedding day, your maternity, and your children, when they are adorable infants, boisterous toddlers and thereafter. This approach to our customers and our dedication to building long-lasting relationships translates into something more personal, more comfortable and intimate than a strict business relationship. After all, your photographer is like your doctor, only to a photographer you bare your soul. Alice Sokoloff Photography works hard to be your personal life-long photographer for all the tender, happy and important moments that you want to capture with more than just your heart.

Instead of telling you what the important considerations are for you in choosing a photographer, we will tell you instead what we are good at, and you can decide whether those are the characteristics that are important to you.

  • An Eye Towards the Beautiful - At Alice Sokoloff Photography we care about the quality, not the quantity of the images, and we are convinced you do too. So you will not see us go trigger-happy (unless we see something we love)! We try to compose each shot to be meaningful and beautiful, and we're told we have an eye for doing so. Certainly at a wedding or a celebration, certain shots need to be captured to tell the story, whether or not they have artistic merit standing on their own, and we will get those. But if we have a photo session scheduled, you can be sure we will be working with you to create art, something timeless and precious.

  • Individual Photo RAW Processing - We are not photography purists. In fact, we think that a well-composed and properly exposed in-camera image is just the beginning. We always shoot in RAW format, which gives us a lot of latitude for image manipulation in the digital darkroom. And we take full-advantage of that latitude. Each image that we provide to a customer, whether in printed or in digital format, has been adjusted for contrast, color, and sharpness. Some images are converted to black and white, sepia or selenium, if we feel that this type of processing is most complimentary to the image. The amount of time spent processing a single RAW file into the JPG that you will see can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Because we take pride in our work, we take post-processing very seriously.

  • Creative Photoshop Techniques - At Alice Sokoloff Photography we like to think that our expertise with and use of creative Photoshop techniques is something that takes us a step beyond other photographers. We are always scouring other photographers' websites to see what other people are doing and there are many photographers who deliver good, solid images. But there are fewer who take those solid images and make them into art by using creative Photoshop techniques. We like to push the boundaries of a standard photograph. So with every photo session or assignment, we try to work-up at least a few photos in Photoshop. Those are the photos that you will often see featured on our blog or portfolio because they are the photos that we are most proud of (or we would not have spent the time working them up). And to clarify, when we talk about creative Photoshop techniques, we are not really talking about removing a couple of unsightly pimples or even helping you shed a few unwanted pounds. We can do that and will do that, if asked, for some photos. But we are talking about exciting composites or overlaying interesting textures that give an antique feel to your photographs or set a particular mood. As this website develops, we hope to add a page with illustrations describing some of our Photoshop work in a little more detail to the "Resources" section.

  • Commitment to Excellent Customer Service - Although we've touched on this before, this is such an important part of our identity as a business, we wanted to have a separate bullet-point for commitment to excellent customer service. Because we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, we provide only top-notch service. That means that we respond promptly to our customers' calls and emails. We arrive on time, whether for preliminary consultations or the day of the photo session. We come prepared and ready to work. You can expect from us the highest level of professionalism in everything that we do. That's our commitment to you as a customer.

We know that picking a photographer can be a difficult, daunting, and time-consuming process. We encourage you to become a fan of Alice Sokoloff Photography on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our blog so that you can follow our work and recent developments as you make your decision. And even if you don't choose Alice Sokoloff Photography to be your photographer, we have heard that looking at our photos has put smiles on people's faces and provided inspiration, so please don't feel like you have to be a current or even a prospective customer to follow our work.


I am elated!!! The photos are amazing and your words, touching. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I want you to know that you are a very special photographer. Not only can you capture the moments of love, and happiness through your beautiful photography but you truly care about your brides and their wedding days. Your smooth style and infectious energy makes working with you fun and inspirational. The advice and tips you gave to me and your attention to detail show that you are caring and compassionate. You have a gift. I am so happy we found you :)

Thank you for everything!

With my deepest gratitude,

Janet Davis (and Tyler too)

Choosing Alice Sokoloff Photography was one of the best decisions we've made in planning our wedding! Not only was Inna an absolute pleasure to work with, but her ingenuity, creativity, care and talent absolutely blew us away! After seeing what a beautiful job she did with our engagement pictures as well as our wedding, we asked Inna to do our "trash the dress" shoot as well. Although initially I was a bit hesitant about doing "trash the dress", our pictures turned out amazing and I am so happy we went for it! I especially loved the creative processing and effects Inna did on many of our shots - she is a true artist. We love our pictures and are constantly receiving compliments from all who see them. We highly recommend Alice Sokoloff Photography!

Inga & Stas

The photos that you did for our wedding are amazing! They are all different and very creative and capture every moment of our most important day! Thank you for making our wedding even more fun and special! :)

Lera & Sasha

We wanted to thank Inna for all of her energy and great work that went into the photo session of our daughter. The pictures are beautiful and capture the great moments of this ordinary yet special day. The photos came out elegant, creative and diverse. Inna is an artist who is able to capture what is inside a person's essence and show both inner and outer beauty. Her manners and approach are lovely and comfortable; her knowledge of the art and science of photography is exceptional. Have Inna bring your photos to life the way she has done it for us - with images that tell a story of their own!

Mike and Xenia

I really enjoyed the photo session with Inna from Alice Sokoloff Photography. She is very professional and knows how to work with her clients. I was tense in the beginning of the session but she was able to put me at ease and make me laugh through the rest of it.

I needed pictures for my website and business cards. I love the quality of pictures Inna took. They are so natural and vibrant. She was able to capture my personality which is very important to the kind of business I am in.

She is the only person I will be going to for my future photography needs whether it be anniversary gift for my friends, my son's party or Valentine's gift session with my husband. I appreciate the time and effort she took to make the process most enjoyable and the pictures beautiful.

Oh! and did I say she also did the photo effects on some of the pictures free of charge?!

Give Alice Sokoloff Photography a try. You will not regret it.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We are so happy we decided to make those pictures. You did an amazing job, we are so grateful. The whole family discusses the fotoes, we've recived so many calls and emails! It was such a pleasure to work with you! You made us so happy!

Dina & Jeff

Thank you for such beautiful pictures and wonderful memories! Igor and I really appreciated your thoughtfulness, creativity and patience. All of our family and friends have said how great the pictures are and we are so happy that you were able to capture this special moment in our lives in such a magical way.


Our engagement session was fantastic. She made us laugh throughout the whole photoshoot and inspired us to be creative, which totally reflected in the pictures. She also tapped into our lovy dovy side. Pictures came out very romantic, but at the same time fun and interesting to browse through. Very pleasant experience.

Yanina D.

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